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Which Is Worse: Carbs Or Fat?

We already know that the majority of people fail when they attempt to start and maintain a diet. A lot of this is down to the fact that dieting to lose weight is not natural, and the human body actively tries to fight against it. Eating habits are hard to break, especially when you’re not even completely sure in yourself which things to axe from your daily diet for the best results.

Low-fat diets are often compared against low-carbohydrate diets, with people having different opinions on which is the most effective solution for weight loss. Studies have been conducted comparing different groups of subjects who took each approach, and the results have been measured in an attempt to find out what’s likely to happen to anyone doing the same.

In general, a low carb diet would be considered to include less than 40g of carbohydrates per day. A low fat diet would require less than 30% of one’s daily calorie intake to come from fat. If either of these conditions are met, it would not be necessary to restrict overall food or calorie intake. Only the proportionate amounts of either carbohydrates or fat need to be cut down in either of these cases.

What Is An Elimination Diet?

Elimination diets are a straightforward, but sometimes tricky, method to find out the root cause when you suspect you may be intolerant to a certain type of food. In many cases this may be needed by people who are suffering from unexplained gastrointestinal discomfort and can’t figure out what is triggering it. You may find yourself in a situation where you’re sure you didn’t consistently eat the same thing when you had symptoms, but without a controlled diet you can’t really be sure.

Common food types that can cause irritation to the digestive system include gluten (which may be an indication of celiac disease or simply a milder intolerance), dairy products, soy and many more. Certain types of processed meat or other foods can also be problematic for some people. If you suspect you may have an intolerance to a particular food, you must first narrow it down to each possible culprit and try to cut them out of your diet entirely for three weeks. If your symptoms persist you’ll need to keep cutting things out!

Once you have completed this first step, which can be difficult in itself, you have the slightly easier task of gradually re-introducing each item into your diet and checking to see if your symptoms return or get worse. If you continue with this process you should eventually find the one that is causing your distress, and work on a permanent solution for cutting it out of your life. This is basically the main concept behind an elimination diet, but in order to be really successful at this you should consider all of the following points.

Welcome to Life Quest – Fresh Start

Welcome back to Life Quest – Fresh Start! We’re going to be updating our blog on a regular basis throughout 2017 and beyond to keep bringing you top quality advice on every aspect of improving your health and lifestyle. To get started, you can take a look at each existing section of our site and see what information could be of use to you as you embark on your quest to improve your health and well-being.

Rebounding is all about using a trampoline as part of your exercise routine on a regular basis. This is a fantastic way to have fun while getting fit and is often well worth the investment. It helps exercise all the muscles in your body and legs, while also helping to increase your lung capacity. This means your blood gets a better supply of oxygen at all times, including while working out, and that allows you to keep going for longer. We highly recommend giving it a try, so check out our page for the full list of potential benefits.

Our health and wellness section is all about taking control of everything that influences your health, both mentally and physically. Here we talk about the importance of getting professional medical advice for any issues that are troubling you, but also supplementing this with healthy lifestyle tips and activities. We also discuss the benefits of using natural foods, drinks and supplements where possible to cut down on the amount of artificial substances we expose our bodies to.

Across our blog we will be looking into these areas in more detail, as well as other activities and approaches you may consider. Changing elements of your lifestyle one by one should be a manageable way for you to cut down on the negative influences in your lifestyle and start focusing on improving your well-being.

Self Help

This exciting, acclaimed 21st Century self help, personal growth program leads you on the path to mastering your life and achieving all of your goals of wealth, happiness, health, success, confidence and peace of mind using the powerful Law of Attraction.

Self Help  gives you EVERYTHING you will ever need to

  • Achieve wealth and abundance
  • Attract your ideal relationships
  • Enjoy radiant health
  • Work in the career of your choice
  • Live the life of your dreams


  • Is an excellent resource for living the life you always desired
  • Is your personal Guide to Successful Living
  • Touches you on an individual one on one basis
  • Offer various programs to nurture your creativity in London (dancing lessons, acting courses, singing classes, drama therapy, sacred clown courses, mime workshops, emotional awareness, and more)
  • Has a daily, weekly, and monthly progress guide to chart your growth
  • Is presented in a style that makes it easily and instantly accessible and assimilated
  • Dynamics of the Self is the easy, straight forward path to the life of everything you want using the powerful law of attraction



  • Increases the capacity for respiration.
  • Circulates more oxygen
  • Lessens the time during which blood pressure remains abnormal after severe activity
  • Lessens the potential of cardiovascular disease
  • Increases the activity of the red bone marrow in the function of red blood cells
  • Aids lymphatic circulation
  • Strengthens the heart and other muscles in the body
  • Allows the resting heart to beat less often
  • Lowers heightened cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Improves coordination
  • Provides relief from neck and back pain, headaches and other pain
  • Aids digestion and the elimination processes
  • Allows for better and easier relaxation and sleep
  • Reduces fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women
  • Decreases colds, allergies and digestive disturbances
  • Helps to slow aging
  • Lessens the likelihood of obesity

Health and Fitness Exercise

Rebounding (using a small trampoline called a rebounder) is the only exercise that has a positive affect on every cell in your body simultaneously as well as being fun to do! It strengthens each cell, stimulates the elimination of toxins and increases movement through the lymph system. Before starting any regimen however, make sure to seek advice from a personal trainer that has experience in rehabilitation. We highly recommend personal trainers specialising in injury rehabilitation, sports massage, deep tissue massage, mobile massage, and other body massages.

Spending just 20 minutes a day completing rebounding exercise enhances health & fitness and reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

Your bones and muscles react as if they were holding a heavy weight yet there is absolutely no strain. This amazing  health and fitness exercise is for everyone from children to seniors. Rebounding:

  • Helps to combat the signs of aging
  • Builds up your immune system
  • Provides you with youthful energy and vitality
  • Eliminates unsightly unhealthy cellulite
  • Improves performance of your heart and lungs
  • Increases energy, vigor and vitality
  • Stimulates cognition and brain function
  • Strengthens your entire body
  • Provides cardiovascular benefits
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Eliminates costly equipment/health clubs
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system/cleanses body
  • Improves circulation, stamina and appetite
  • Increases range of motion
  • Improves vision by increasing circulation within the eye

Your Fresh Start to Life’s Quest

At various times in life, people will be faced with one or more mental health, wellness or life issues that will cause them pain in one form or another and which they will want to rid themselves of. When times like this come, what you need is a fresh start to face life’s quest! At freshstart, we give you the necessary pointers to live a balanced life, teaching you the principle of selfhelp, combined with good health.

A Clean Bill of Health

Before starting with any dietary regimen or exercise programs, it’s very important to take a complete physical exam from your doctor. This will be the first step in preventive care and ensure that you are going in the right direction with your self-help. For women, this includes breast and pelvic exams, possibly clinical dyskaryosis, Lletz assessments and/or treatments, and cervix cancer tests from colposcopy clinics. For men, it may include prostate and testicular exams from your doctor.

If you have a disease that require constant maintenance such as epilepsy, make sure that the people around you have sufficient medical knowledge. There are various training programmes in the UK they can enroll in. They will learn how to use rescue medication like buccal midazolam and rectal diazepam in these epilepsy training courses which can prove crucial during emergencies.

Health & Wellness

Deciding to take control of your health and fitness is the first step in living a healthy, worry-free life. This will take tremendous amounts of discipline from controlling your food intake, to exercising on a regular basis. Keeping regular appointments with your doctor is also essential. If you have concerns with any particular part of your body, best to immediately schedule a visit to a specialist. For women, even as early as in their 20s, this includes routine visits to a consultant gynaecologist in London. For men, who are always high-risks for heart attacks, to the cardiologist.

After getting a clean bill of health from the experts, it’s time to change your diet to an all-natural alternative. You need 100% safe, natural products that prevent illness and assure overall wellness. Products for health care and complete well-being. Keeping your environment clean and hands clean is the first step to preventing the spread of bacteria. Make it a habit to use healthcare wipes. If you are on your road to recovery, use medical, patient, or continence wipes instead of ordinary wet wipes as a precaution.

Stress can have a major effect on your health, so taking regular time out to relax and recharge will be beneficial. Rather than booking a hotel, why not consider purchasing a luxury lodge park home? These static homes are located across the UK in some of the most beautiful tourist spots including Lancashire, Berkshire, Stamford and Yorkshire. Owning your own holiday home gives you the freedom to take a relaxing break as and when you choose, perfect for when you need to de-stress.