Self Help

This exciting, acclaimed 21st Century self help, personal growth program leads you on the path to mastering your life and achieving all of your goals of wealth, happiness, health, success, confidence and peace of mind using the powerful Law of Attraction.

Self Help  gives you EVERYTHING you will ever need to

  • Achieve wealth and abundance
  • Attract your ideal relationships
  • Enjoy radiant health
  • Work in the career of your choice
  • Live the life of your dreams


  • Is an excellent resource for living the life you always desired
  • Is your personal Guide to Successful Living
  • Touches you on an individual one on one basis
  • Offer various programs to nurture your creativity in London (dancing lessons, acting courses, singing classes, drama therapy, sacred clown courses, mime workshops, emotional awareness, and more)
  • Has a daily, weekly, and monthly progress guide to chart your growth
  • Is presented in a style that makes it easily and instantly accessible and assimilated
  • Dynamics of the Self is the easy, straight forward path to the life of everything you want using the powerful law of attraction


  • You will understand why you were created to be a winner with the ability to achieve the life you desire
  • Guides you to achieve all of your goals
  • You will know exactly why and how your ideas and perceptions literally
  • create the life you experience
  • Helps you find and change anything that may be limiting you right now
  • You will learn a simple yet sensational technique that puts you in touch with yourself at the deepest level, and forever shields you from past, present or future negative influences
  • Gives you the key to creating and maintaining a healthy body to match your new personal power
  • You will know what wealth is and how to achieve it
  • Helps you assume permanent possession of numerous other exciting, easy  techniques and principles that hand you the keys to your life placing you in complete control at all times

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